Sealux Wins Best Product Award

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FlangeBand offers clear benefits over traditional butyl adhesive tile flange kits in terms of:

  • Material Composition: No Messy Butyl
  • Product Performance: An Award Winner
  • Ease & Versatility of Installation

FlangeBand is a shower base and tub tile flange kit that can be installed during or after the installation of shower bases and bathtubs with and without tiling flanges attached.

The FlangeBand kit combines three key joint sealing components: the revolutionary Sealux strip membrane, a foam backer rod and a neutral curing sanitary grade silicone. The technical features and benefits of the FlangeBand tub flange kit  are explained clearly in the video below.

Why choose FlangeBand?

Because there are so many installation possibilities

flangeband logo

Retro-Fit: Shower Base tight to wall

Shower Base with Tile Flange

Shower Base with Backer Rod

Shower Base with recessed ledge

Slimline Shower Bases