PlumBud differs from TileBud in that the Sealux strip is supplied with the backer rod attached.

A longitudinal adhesive bed (under the blue release liner) defines the boundary line between the strip upper portion that is permanently bonded to the shower wall and the strip lower strip portion that is releasable off the shower wall to relieve strip stress under the effects of joint expansion.

FlangeBand PlumBud presents the Sealux strip and backer rod as a co-bonded sealing assembly which limits its use to installation with flange free shower bases and bathtubs being installed into one and two wall shower enclosures.

Install PlumBud during the installation of a Shower Base or Tub with No Tile Flange into a one or two wall shower enclosure. We recommend TileBud for three wall shower enclosures.

Examples of Flanged Receptors (click to enlarge)

Installation video for a new installation where no tile flange is present.

PlumBud Installation Accessories

PlumBud accessories are purpose designed installation tools that not only ease the installation but contribute to raising the standard of workmanship.

Wall Adhesive spatula

Adhesive Spatula

Sealant Spatula

Alcohol Wipes

Backer Rod Alignment Guide

PlumBud Kit Format

The Sealux strip and backer rod co-bonded assembly is available in lengths between 78 and 150 inches.

Installation accessories include 2 alcohol surface wipes, a strip alignment guide, spatula(s) and instructions.

Sealux-N silicone is not supplied with the kit but may be provided upon request.