Dublin, Ireland

Sealux have been awarded ‘Best Interior Product’ at the annual Architecture and Building Expo 2017 in Dublin in recognition of their revolutionary new HydroHALT (Sold as FlangeBand in USA) shower pan and bath tub joint sealing system.
The exhibition runs alongside the annual conference of The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. The judging panel, made up of five principal Architects clearly saw merit in the HydroHALT (FlangeBand) invention, designed and patented by Sealux.

Gerard Robinson managing director of Sealux says: “We thought the Architecture and Building Expo would provide a perfect platform to launch HydroHALT.

We are absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious award having invested so much in the research and development that delivered this revolutionary solution, one we believe will become an industry benchmark.

Early research highlighted that the inherent problems associated with butyl adhesive sealing strips could not be overcome without eliminating the butyl adhesive itself! This set product development on the discovery path that ultimately lead to the HydroHALT (FlangeBand) design which we believe when compared to butyl adhesive sealing strips, is superior in material composition, offers greater installation versatility and higher joint sealing performance.

We believe that installing HydroHALT (FlangeBand) will not only make the task of waterproofing walls over shower trays and baths easier, but the capacity of HydroHALT (FlangeBand)  to accommodate joint movement will also enhance the technical performance of shower waterproofing systems, notwithstanding the fact that BS5385 advises movement joints subject to water immersion, water spray or splash in shower areas should be sealed with curing sealants.”

Sealux was set up in 1998 to research, design and manufacturer alternative fit for purpose perimeter joint seals for shower trays and baths. Today, Sealux manufacture a range of patented joint sealing systems under their own brands and the trademarks of leading suppliers in the UK who have chosen Sealux as their preferred joint seal provider.

For more information on the award winning HydroHALT please phone Sealux on (UK) 0870 8760 121 or (IRL) 01 2989 121, Callers from USA please dial +353 1 298 9121